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Applying for a Water Connection

Relocating a Service Connection

The CWSA is committed to improving its customer focus and the overall level of service offered to its valued customers.

Application forms for a service connection (water or sewerage) are available at various CWSA offices and must be completed and lodged with the CWSA for a technical appraisal.

Following the technical appraisal and a determination of the technical feasibility and cost of connection, the customer is then advised of the cost. After payment is made by the customer the CWSA guarantees a connection within two weeks and this depends on accessibility of the premises and the distance from existing main lines.

Applications are available at our main office or can be downloaded and printed from the
Download Forms 

Requests for the relocation of a service connection can be done directly in writing to the Customer Care Department or by filling out the appropriate form at the main Office. Upon receipt of this request the CWSA will appraise the request and make a determination of any charges to the customer if required. The customer will then be informed and the relocation will be effected within two weeks of payment by the customer.

Querying Meter Operation & Meter Reading

The CWSA stands by the accuracy and consistency of it meters. In any event meters are systematically replaced well before the expected service life expires. However, should there be any concern by a customer about the accuracy of the meter installed, the following procedure applies.

The customer puts their request in writing to the Customer Care Manager. The Customer Care Manager then arranges a test of the meter, either in its existing location or at the CWSA testing facilities. However, before this test is arranged the customer must pay to the CWSA a deposit of $100 which is refundable ONLY if the meter is determined to be inaccurate.